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Baseball Trajectory Studies

Thank you for your interest in West Coast Netting’s baseball and softball trajectory studies. The trajectory studies are used to determine how high a baseball or softball barrier net should be in order to stop most, to all, baseballs or softballs. Although there is no guarantee that batters will not hit balls over the barrier net, based on normal conditions this study will indicate the height at various locations the barrier net should be. This study is available to be downloaded for free in PDF or CAD format and used at the customer’s discretion. At West Coast Netting we want our customers and potential clients to be able to use this information to create a netting solution that works for them. In the case of special circumstances or unique netting needs, West Coast Netting is here to help. As always, we offer free no obligation quotes and will do a trajectory study for a unique baseball or softball field, for free!

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Baseball Trajectory Studies:

Softball Trajectory Studies:

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