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Handrail Netting-Knotted #96 Treated 1 3/4"

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Model: K96T-1 3/4"


#96 three-strand twisted twine - knotted netting - 1 3/4" mesh - latex treated black. 4.0 mm twine diameter, 3.5" stretched mesh, 641.6 lbs. breaking strength per ISO 1806 test method. Netting can be rope bound with our regular 3/8" hollowbraid rope or a heavier polyester rope 3/8" up to 2" in diameter. Choose your color and if you want your netting cut on the square or the diamond (bias). Add a heavier 5/8" or 3/4"polyester rope for that authentic finished rope edge. The polyester rope will be treated the same color as the netting.

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