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Baseball / Softball Netting

Baseball / Softball Netting

We have been making baseball netting for as long as we have been in business. Our nets are used in batting cages, backstops, baseline protection, L-screens, soft toss nets, and other baseball equipment. We manufacture five different knotted netting sizes: K21T, K36T, K42T, K60T and K96T in our standard 1 3/4" mesh. We have also introduced SPECTRA netting to the game of baseball.

Our SPECTRA nets are designed for especially demanding applications that require a light but strong netting. Spectra is made of the same fiber used in body armor and is stronger and lighter than any other netting available today. Because of its extraordinary properties, SPECTRA is the netting of choice for use in professional baseball stadiums, collegiate and university ball fields as well as many municipal and local stadiums. This innovative netting is another example of our continued commitment to providing you a quality net that will exceed your expectations.

Along with manufacturing our own netting we also carry a wide array of custom baseball backstops, protective screens, pitching L-Screens, batting cage nets, soft toss nets and soft toss screens. We can create customized outdoor batting cages, indoor batting cages, retractable batting cages, backyard batting cages, softball batting cages and even automated batting cages.

Have a special project in mind? Give us a call and we'll help you with designing, manufacturing and installing of any special baseball project you want to complete. Please feel free to browse our expansive baseball and softball product line and contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

  • West Coast Netting’s line of baseball L-screens and batting screens offer professional-grade screens for use during batting practice.  Our L-screens are used by professional teams at the ballpark and at their training facilities, and are also used by schools, camps and training gyms.

    The netting used for the screens is manufactured using polyester, which is stronger, more abrasion resistant, and UV-resistant than nylon netting.   It is an ideal material for outdoor use and provides long-lasting performance.  

    West Coast Netting offers a wide range of batting cage netting. Our high quality netting is used by schools, camps and sports training facilities.

    Our batting cage netting is manufactured using polyester, which is stronger, more abrasion resistant and UV-resistant than nylon netting. We manufacture five different knotted netting sizes in our standard 1 ¾ mesh, ranging from light duty to heavy duty netting. Framing and hardware is also available.

    West Coast Netting’s baseball netting is manufactured in the USA and offers a low cost, high quality product for your baseball training facility.

  • West Coast Netting offers a full line of high quality baseball and softball backstop, canopy and dugout netting.  Our netting is used by schools, camps, sports training facilities, and ball fields to provide protection for spectators and ball players.

    Our quality pitching products are well known in the college and high school baseball circuit as well as used by professional teams.

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