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Basketball Netting

Basketball Netting

West Coast Netting manufactures various weights and sizes of perimeter netting as well as goal nets for basketball. Upgrade your nylon net to a chain net that will last much longer than a fabric net. We make 8 and 12 loop chain nets as well as stock high quality nylon nets and economy basketball nets.

  • Here you will find all of the perimeter netting you will need for the game of basketball.

    For playground and other outdoor applications, you can count on our rugged BC-12 and BC-8 nets. These hand constructed chain nets are made to outperform the competition. We use chain that features double-loop, weld-less construction and bright zinc plating to prevent rust and tearing. Install these long-lasting nets and watch your replacement costs drop to practically nothing. If you’re in the market for a large quantity of nets for light use, the B-100 is our imported net. It's made of braided nylon and is available in white.

    West Coast Netting carries four different basketball nets, each designed to meet a unique application.

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