Woven Netting

West Coast Netting now has some of the newest knotless netting machines in the U.S. These machines are designed to product netting from raw filimaent as opposed from  twisted twine. We have the capability of producing netting with a gauge of #169 (approx. 1/32" diameter) through #42 guage (approx. 1/8" diameter). We can produce this range of woven netting gauges in mesh sizes from 3/4" stretched mesh (i.e. 3/8 square mesh) through 30" stretched mesh (i.e. 15" square mesh). 

For bulk netting, our woven amchines range in depth from 680 meshes wide to as narrow as required. The length of the material is determined by the shipping weight. Our woven nets can be manufactured from polyester, nylon, rayon, Spectra, polypropylene, polyethylene and many other fibers. 

West Coast Netting has the most popular netting gauges and mesh sizes in stock, so we can custom cut any size net for your immediate needs. Raw netting is white in color and can be dyed or treated to your specifications.

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