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Trajectory Studies

Golf Trajectory Application for Driving Range Barrier Height


West Coast Netting has developed a new way to assist our customers with their driving range concerns. SCIENCE! Now you can get a scientifically based golf ball trajectory for your driving range barrier fence projects. No longer will gut feeling be the major factor in deciding what height barrier nets one should have. Recently, West Coast Netting has, through a nationally recognized independent research institution, attained a trajectory calculator that can enable all of our customers to envision their range in a whole new way.

This new visualization will help you to see the many different possible trajectory's for your range. Each customer can receive a customized printout taking into effect such things as elevation above sea level, predominate cross or head wind, hook or slice, etc... All of this science will be calculated to help you choose the proper height of netting that you might need. By using information gathered from the American Journal of Physics, the Aeronautical Quarterly, the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, the Journal of Applied Physics, the US Professional Golf Association and much more, we will be able to provide you with an elevated comfort level never before offered by any netting and pole manufacturer.

With the various new clubs, balls, hits and miss-hits, a golf ball can be hit any number of directions, distances and heights. There is no way to take into account every situation that a golf ball might incur. But with science, we can help you to predict the golf ball's flight path.

Price for a complete trajectory analysis and summary report = $3,500.00

Flash Presentation Golf Trajectory Visualization Application Presentation

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