Knotted #18 Spectra Netting - 1 1/2" Mesh (Raw White or Treated)

K18S-1 1/2"

#18 braided Spectra twine - knotted netting - 1 1/2" mesh - latex treated black. Netting can be rope, web, or vinyl bound. Other colors are available. This spectator protection netting has passed all the rigorous NHL testing requirements and is in use in many different NHL venues. This netting uses a 1.3 mm Spectra twine that has a breaking strength of 540 lb, a 1 1/2" opening. It can be many colors (typical is black) and even remain white in color with a fire-retardant coating and a rope, web, or vinyl border. This net is one of the smallest twines available guaranteeing maximum protection with high visibility for the fans.


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