Knotted Netting

Our knotted netting capabilities extend from #9 twine size through #120 twine size. Our nets can be manufactured from 1 1/2" stretched mesh (i.e., 3/4"square mesh) through 28" mesh (i.e. 14" square mesh). For bulk netting, our knotted machines range in depth from 300 wide to as narrow as required. The length of the material is determined by the shipping weight. Our knotted nets are manufactured from polyester and nylon filaments. This filament is twisted, in our shop, to its desired twine size and then placed on the netting machine for fabrication.

West Coast Netting has in stock our most popular twine and mesh sizes, so we can custom cut any size net for your immediate needs. 

Most of our customers have their knotted netting latex treated for added UV enhancement and longer life span.

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